Saturday, October 19, 2013

From The Mouths of Babes

Our child never stops talking. Ever.  When he's not talking about monsters and dragons and ghosts (yes, ghosts), our conversations look something like this.

Scene: Breakfast table
E: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes, Lovie?"
E: "John* smells."
Me: *stunned* "He does? Well, what does he smell like?"
E: "He smells like peepee and he peepees on the floor."
Me: "Ummm, well, sometimes accidents happen. You should still be nice to him and don't tell him he smells.
E: (thinking) "Okay, Mommy."
(30 minutes later at school drop-off)
E: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes?"
E: "I won't laugh at John when he peepees on the floor."
Me: "Good, baby."
E: "Even if he smells."

Scene: A new FSO's apartment who had just received his HHE shipment
E: "Oh wow, look at this mess!"  When you going to clean this up?"
Me: (dying of embarrassment) E! You need to be nice! They're still unpacking all their stuff."
FSO: (laughing) "It's okay.  It IS a mess."

Scene: Saturday morning
E: (distributes a flute to Mommy, a tambourine to Daddy and a drum to himself) "C'mon! Let's play rock n' roll!"

Scene: Walking home from school
E: "Mommy, the sun makes the rain stop."
Me: "Oh yeah, how do you know that?"
E: "Because the sun came out and the rain stopped."
Me: "That's right."
E: "And the rain makes the flowers grow bigger."
Me: "And who told you that?"
E: "Caillou"**

*John is the Americanized spelling of Can, which is the Turkish version of the name.*
**Caillou is his favorite cartoon.  Who says kids don't learn anything from TV!?"**