Saturday, July 27, 2013

Beating The Heat

It gets really hot here in Adana during the summer months.  July and August are particularly brutal. We're not talking a dry, desert-like heat either.  We're talking the type of humid heat that makes you feel like you're walking around wrapped in a steamy, wet blanket.

The heat is not fun when you have a two-year old who just wants to be outside.  Especially if that two-year old loves slides that burn your legs going down.  So we've done away with the park for now and found the best way to stay cool is at the pool. Since we are so close to a military Air Base, we have access to their grounds, and we have taken full advantage of the swimming opportunity.  We tend to spend quite a bit of time there and E has become quite the little water baby.  He is still a little nervous in the big pool, but he will stick out his legs and kick if you use the most encouraging voice you can muster. He's also becoming a pro-bubble blower.  However, our time in the big pool (where there are TWO diving boards and a giant water slide) is often limited, as E much prefers the safety of the kiddie pool where his feet never leave the ground and the water never goes over his head.  And of course, there are plenty of little kids for him to play with. It's also great for lap swimming, too, which I have started doing since running has become too tortuous to do on a regular basis.  I had forgotten just how enjoyable lap swimming is. Now I can't get enough.

So until the heat breaks and the temps become a bit more bearable, we will be at the pool.  Or, you know, inside with the A/C cranked high.

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