Friday, September 5, 2014

My Boys

These boys are getting bigger every day.  It feels like just yesterday we were finding out that I was pregnant with D, and now here he is at four months old.

E was just a sweet little guy still in diapers when we moved to Turkey, and now here we are with four months left go, and he is suddenly a little boy.  He talks like a grown man, saying "actually" this and "actually" that all day long.  "Actually, I think I have a better idea."  Where has the time gone?  And when did he become so grown up?  

His latest obsession: space.
I have since ordered him a more age appropriate book from Amazon.

And D? Well, someone needs to tell that kid to slow down.  Where E was always a very verbal and vocal baby, D is very physical and active.  He's been rolling over since he was eight weeks old, which I originally thought was a fluke, but nope.  And now here he is scooting forward and trying to crawl y'all. I can't leave him alone on his play mat for even a minute before he's rolled himself over and pushed himself onto the tile.  Slow it down guys.  Mommy wants to treasure these moments!  

As for brotherly love, these two are beyond adorable.  E insists on having me wait to wake up D every morning so he can get his stool and be the first to peak his head over the top of the crib to say good morning.  The smile on D's face when he sees him is priceless.  D loves to watch his brother play, and E even sometimes, when he's in the mood, shares his toys with him.  I love these two kiddos.  I can't wait for the teenage years when they're all angsty and annoyed with each other and eating me out of house and home.  Oh wait, yes I can.  I absolutely can. When that happens, I'll just look back on these photos and remember how sweet and adorable they were.  

"Mwuaaahhh, I'm going to eat your face!" 

"Come here kid.  I'm still bigger than you."

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