Thursday, March 19, 2015

Old Friends Meet Again

These little monkeys were all about 18-months old the last time they saw each other.  Now they are nearly 4-years old.  They became instant friends during their daddies A-100 class when their parents formed an impromptu play group in the summer of 2012.  They attended daycare together. They went to the park to play together.  They wreaked havoc in Smithsonian museums and splashed around spray parks nearly every weekend together that summer.  Their mommies and daddies did double date nights and bonded over soon-to-be-overseas life.  At the end of that summer, they all scattered to the far corners of the globe - Turkey, Belgium and Laos -- prepared (or perhaps completely oblivious) of the adventure that awaited them.  They each experienced a new and different culture.  They each traveled and made new friends. They each came back with a second language under their belts, and they each gained a new sibling during those two years.  But when they came together last weekend at the National Zoo, they didn't care about that.  While their mommies and daddies hugged and chatted about where they had been and where the Foreign Service was taking us next, they just climbed on the railings and gawked at the animals at the zoo.  They were a reminder that no matter how crazy this life can be, the kids will find their normal.  And this was it, just like old times. We sure did miss these guys.

**Missing from this photo is E's dear friend M, who is still with his Mommy and Daddy in Africa.  Unfortunately, we will miss them this time around, but hope to see them soon!**

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