Thursday, July 5, 2012

A July 4th Celebration and a Goodbye

Yesterday was spectacular.  Our wonderful neighbors threw a combo July 4th/Bon Voyage party for us on their roof, and while the weather was nice and toasty, that didn't stop us from getting out there and celebrating our country's independence and saying goodbye to our dear friends.  

The kids had a fun time splashing in the inflatable pool and playing with all the toys set up for their entertainment.   As you can see, E claimed the water table and serving spoon as the ultimate form of enjoyment.  We call that intense gaze his "Blue Steel" look. 

Once the sun started to set and the babies were tucked into bed, we turned up the music and continued to celebrate as we waited for the fireworks to begin.  S particularly had a good time.  I think saying goodbye on July 4th as you embark on a career to serve your country really tugs at the heart strings once you stop to think about it. 

By this time next year we will be in a new country and celebrating with an entirely new set of friends and colleagues.  But we will never forget our friends back here in Brooklyn, and we will be forever grateful for the amazing farewell. 

The host family.  They know how to throw a party!

Taking time out from the party to enjoy each other's company :)

The view from the roof.  Empire State Building. Red. White. Blue.

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