Sunday, July 1, 2012

Signed, Sealed...

You know those tenants I mentioned a while back?  Well, they came by to sign the lease today.  They're a really nice couple who is getting married in a few weeks and looking for a new place with a bit more space and a backyard.  Since backyards can be a rarity in certain parts of Brooklyn, they jumped on renting our place as soon as they heard it was available.  And it helps that our next door neighbors are their best friends, so they're definitely getting a good deal. 

And S and I are excited because we know that our apartment will be occupied by nice, responsible people who will take care of the place while we're off living God knows where. So, another "to do" has been checked.  Leases are signed, deposits have been deposited, and brokers fees have been paid.  All we have to do now is move out.

Speaking of moving, we're at T-minus 10 days and counting until the movers arrive.  I will be working right up until D-Day, but S is off for the next two weeks until A-100 starts.  He will be spending that time relaxing (he has a growing list of must-see movies which may or may not include The Avengers and Moonrise Kingdom), but he will also be organizing our packout and taking care of all the odds and ends that need to be squared away before we go.  Part of me is happy I will be working instead of tackling his duties.  The odds and ends list is getting rather long. 

Of course all work and no play makes for a dull family (or something like that) so we carved out some family time on Friday night and a much needed play date for E on Sunday Morning.

Friday, we met some friends at Prospect Park to listen to one of my favorite musicians, Trombone Shorty. We all brought yummy food and beverages, set up blankets on the lawn, and listened and danced to the music.  We all had a great time, especially E.  His favorite new words are "hi" and "bye bye," so he spent the better part of the evening walking up to total strangers and saying hello, followed by an immediate goodbye.  He eventually got into the groove of the music once daddy put him on his shoulders to dance.  E loves nothing more than to be on his daddy's shoulders, so he was all set for the rest of the night. 

S and E being mellow.  Waiting for concert to start.

Me and E after I chased him down for this pic.

Trombone Shorty.  Amazing.

On Sunday, we met E's daycare buddy, B and his parents at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. E loves the museum, so he and B spent a solid two hours exploring and playing.  

Really?  You mean, we can just run anywhere?

And we can bang this as loud as possible?

And splash water all over the place?

Our Little Drummer Boy.

Notice E won't give up a stick.  It took some convincing to finally get him to share.

Jam-packed weekends are always fun, but most certainly exhausting too.  By Sunday afternoon we were all ready to crash, but E had the best idea of all.  Smart kid.  He really knows how to unwind. 

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