Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sidewalk Sale! Success?

Wellll, not so much.  Everyone in our building was ready and eager to sell his or her little tooshies off, but for whatever reason, no one was buying.  We live on a pretty busy street (in front of a bus stop, no less!) so we thought we were golden.  We were set up by noon--baby toys, baby clothes, adult clothes, shoes, electronics, DVDs, CDs, books--all out on display and ripe for the picking.  We had gone through our closets, dug under our beds and cleaned out our storage rooms in an enthusiastic effort to sell, Sell SELL!  But something a little, shall we say, bigger got in our way.  And that something was God.

Apparently, holding a massive sidewalk sale on Sunday during prime Church hours (between 12 and 3) is not going to draw the masses, no matter how many fliers you tape to light poles or Facebook reminders you post.  They weren't budging from the pews.  That's okay though. All was not lost! 

In the end, S and I sold a used digital camera, three pairs of quality running shoes, and a duffle bag.  Grand total (drum roll please...) $14!  Well, actually $9 since we spent $5 to buy our neighbor's crock pot. But hey, it came with a free cook book!  I couldn't resist.  Great meals will be made in that crock pot, just you wait. Great meals. 

The clothes that didn't sell ended up at Good Will, and the little tchotchkes were boxed up and put on the curb with a big sign that read: FREE.  And wouldn't you know it, by the time we came back from Good Will, that box was picked clean.  Everyone loves a bargain, I guess.  

Note to self: Schedule the next sidewalk sale for a Saturday afternoon.

Now the pressure is really on.  Fifteen days til packout!


  1. I am having fun reading your blog. My husband has been trying to get into the FS for years and it is still his goal. Good luck with all moving!

  2. Oh, thank you! And good luck to your husband! I just saw on your blog that he passed the FSOT-Awesome :) Fingers crossed for the PNQs!