Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gettin' Stuff Done

Last weekend S and I took our first step in actually preparing for our move.  Our goal:  clean out the storage room in our basement.  It's not a big room, roughly 10 x 10, but it has become a catch-all over the past year.  Baby clothes, an outgrown car seat, a tummy-time mat, even random tools and study guides that haven't been used in ages...it was all sorted into three piles: Keep, throw away or sidewalk sale/donate.

It wasn't so bad, and it didn't take as long as we had anticipated.  The hardest part was sorting through E's old clothes and trying to decide what was worth saving and what needed to be tossed. That became a game of, "Oh S, do you remember when he wore these little pajamas?!  He was soooo cuuuuute!" or "Oh, I remember when we bought these little socks!  They were soooooo cuuuute!"  Notice a trend?  Yeah, I took quite a few trips down memory lane before S snapped me back to reality with a breezy, "Hey, our kid is not going to nap forever, so we need to finish up before he wakes up."  Yup.  Nothing like the threat of a waking toddler to get you back on track. 

In the end, we parted with quite a few blankets that we never used, some burp cloths that were still in their packaging, washcloths for bath time and a bunch of outfits that either never really fit him, or just weren't our "style" to begin with.  All those baby goodies combined with a few odds and ends and random clothes that S and I pulled out of our own overflowing closets turned into quite a stack of sellable items.  My neighbor and I have decided to hold a building-wide sidewalk sale in a few weeks, so I'd say we're all set. 

In other news, the three of us met up with my cousin and her boyfriend on Sunday night for a Louisiana-style crawfish boil of all you can eat crawfish and all you can drink beer at Chelsea Market.  Being a native Louisiana girl, I couldn't refuse such a feast.

They look delicious, don't they?

J's first crawfish!
We had a fun time talking about all the possible places we could move and they swore up and down to visit us in each and every country for the rest of their lives. L and J, if you're reading this, that better not have been the beer talking!  We will always have a room reserved just for you two. 

Spending time with my cuz.
The crawfish were pretty delicious too.  Not as spicy as I would have liked, but definitely flavorful with a bit of a kick.  And S definitely enjoyed himself! 

Nice sippy cup, S.
It was E's first semi-real crawfish boil, and he found them more amusing than tasty, but he'll learn soon enough.  He's a smart kid.

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