Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Have Tenants!

One of the main things that has been adding more stress to our upcoming move is finding someone to rent our apartment.  We purchased it 3 years ago as an investment, and when S got the call, it took a lot of convincing on my part for him to agree to hang on to it.  He wanted to sell and get it off our backs so we didn't have to worry about it overseas.  I on the other hand, said hellz no, we're renting that sucker.  I mean, we have to keep it and wait for the property value to steadily go up and then we sell it, right?  Right.  Because this is all based on my irrational fear that if we sell it now (for basically what we paid for it), that I will just be leisurely perusing the "for sale" ads online 20 years from now and see it listed for something like, 1.1 million dollars.  And wouldn't that be a kick in the face?   Yes.  Because it has happened.  Just ask my dad about that two-bedroom condo on Central Park West that he had the opportunity to buy in the mid-70s for $80,000.  Yup.  Gold mine.  And he turned it down.  S thinks I'm being a little dramatic, but you never know, right?  Right.  Which brings us to the title of this post - we have tenants!!  You hear that?  That was the sound of relief.  So, come September 1st there will be new residents here.  And we will officially be landlords.  Whoa.  What was that noise?  Oh yeah, the stress returning...


  1. Hooray - you have tenants! Landording is stressful, I'm sure, but I agree that it's less painful than watching your former home sell for millions someday - millions that will go to someone else. Aghh - none of that!

  2. Well, I doubt our place will ever sell for millions, but a girl can dream, can't she?!