Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday To E!

Two weekends ago we celebrated E-Man's 2nd Birthday.  Where those two years went are beyond me.  They seem to have flown by.  I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that we were taking him home from the hospital, me fussing at S to "drive slow!" as he swerved to avoid hitting the crater-sized potholes of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn?  Weren't we just yesterday trying to figure out the whole bathing thing, paranoid he would slip out of our hands?  Wasn't I just waking up multiple times a night to feed him and rock him and lull him back to sleep? 
It seems like yesterday, but yet it seems like a lifetime ago.   I know he is only two, but he has grown so much.  When people say cherish these years because they go by so quickly, they weren't kidding. 
Our sweet boy is no longer a baby.  He went from a helpless, cooing bundle of smooshiness who could barely hold his head up, to this precocious, curious and rambunctious little boy.  He can count to ten in two languages.  He can say water in three, yet he still prefers his first learned word for it, "Agua."  He loves to draw and paint, and will go to the ends of the earth for a chance to blow bubbles or play with a balloon.  He loves to "cook" with mommy and sit on daddy's lap to read books every night before bed.  He loves to run.  He dances with the enthusiasm of ten kids and will drag you out of your seat if you are not participating.  "Dance mommy!  Dance!"  He sings at the top of his lungs and is quickly getting over his shyness, as he gravitates towards everyone these days, including our doorman whom he shouts an enthusiastic "Merhaba!" (Hello) to every morning.  He loves the slides on the playground and listening to music in his stroller while S and I go running. He is quickly learning the rules of soccer and will jump at the chance to "kit da ball" down the hallway with daddy.  He is our little dude with a bright, vibrant and gentle personality.  And we love him.  Happy Birthday Easy E!
Photos from his birthday party. 

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