Thursday, June 6, 2013

It Continues...

Obviously, I was wrong.  What I thought would be a "flash in the pan" type protest is proving to be more.  Although reports of violence appear to be quieting down (at least here in Adana), the protests and demonstrations continue.  However, they occur mostly in the early evening and at night, allowing us to go about our business as usual during the day.  Prime Minister Erdogan has been out of the country touring around North Africa for the past four days and is expected to return today.  It's anybody's guess what sort of homecoming he will receive, but I would bet all my money that it won't be very heartwarming.

For those curious as to what our evenings are like, this is what happens every night at 9 p.m.  Thankfully, E sleeps through it even though it makes M-Dog go a little insane.

ETA: Forget what I said about things quieting down.  As my blogger friend just pointed out in the comments below, this just happened last night.  So sad.  I just hope this all gets resolved soon.


  1. BTW, you have your privacy setting on the video. Or at least that it what is said when I tried to play it. I just heard the news that a police officer died in Adana falling off a bridge while in an altercation?/pursuit chase? with protesters. So very sad, the violence and injuries and deaths on all sides.

  2. Thanks, I just fixed it. I hadn't heard about the police officer! Ugh, so sad. I thought things were starting to settle down a bit. Guess I was wrong... :(

  3. Your little one can sleep through THAT!? You are SO lucky!