Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer Fest

Last weekend the embassy hosted a summer fest/early 4th of July party for embassy staff and their families.  It was my first trip out to the embassy, and it was cool to finally see the grounds.  It's a lot larger than the tiny little consulate in Adana, that's for sure.  The festival kicked off with a patriotic themed parade, which E got to ride in.  He wore his Captain America t-shirt and waved a little American flag.   They had food vendor tents set up selling pulled pork sandwiches, chicken wings with mac 'n cheese, hamburgers, and even Krispy Kreme doughnuts  Yes, I indulged.  Don't judge me.  I'm 6 months pregnant.  

They also had bounce houses and slides, along with carnival type games set up for the kids.  E won a lollipop on some dart-throwing/pop a balloon game.  He was thrilled. D enjoyed playing in the little bounce house and ball pit set up for the little kids.  And E braved the slide, which shocked both me and S.  We thought for sure he would chicken out, but he didn't.  He went down at least 20 times before he finally got bored and moved on. 

It was a fun day.  We even got sun burns!  The sun's rays at this altitude are nothing to mess around with.  Sunscreen for everyone next time. 

In other news, my boys are learning Spanish!  D can actually say three words now: Hola, Agua and Gracias.  And E comes home every day with new songs that he has memorized and new phrases or words that his teachers taught him.  It's time for mom to get on the ball and start taking lessons of her own!

Proudly waving his flag

S and D checking out the playground

Mmm, metal chains.  Delicious.

E is at the top!

Here he comes!

D crawling and jumping in the bounce house

Captain America jumping with all his might.

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