Monday, November 19, 2012

Natural History

One of the most amazing things about living in DC, however temporary, is the free admission to the Smithsonian museums all over the city.  Sure, we've shelled out the $25 per person for The Newseum because S and I are news junkies who couldn't be stopped, but that is not the case with the Smithsonian.  They're open to anyone, money not required.
So last weekend, with friends visiting from New York, we explored the National Museum of Natural History.
E loves animals.  From dogs to turtles to elephants to monkeys, the kid can't get enough.  Since our friends have a son only a few months younger than E (whose current obsession happens to be penguins), we figured it was the perfect spot for them to explore.  And we were right.
We started our adventure in Ocean Hall where we saw the giant blue whale hanging from the ceiling, and E's favorite, the sea turtle. 

Despite the look on his face, he was having fun.

S and I took turns walking him around and pointing out all the cool under water creatures, and we giggled as he squirmed out of our arms to get a better look at this:


We made our way through Mammals Hall, gaped in wonder at the giant elephant on display in the Rotunda and explored more exhibits on the first floor before taking all of our toddlerness out to the National Mall to burn more energy.

Have I mentioned that our kid loves to run?  Well, he does.  So we let him do it every chance we get.  Last Saturday was no exception. 

There are still a few must-see museums on our list before we leave for Turkey, and I'm hoping we can make those visits happen.  Our time here is growing short.  With so much to do and prepare before we move, the holidays have just snuck up on us.  Time is flying by.  I hope we can take at least one more step back to enjoy where we are before we say goodbye.  

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