Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Southern Comfort

This past weekend we all flew down to Louisiana for my best friend's wedding.  As I've mentioned before, M and I have been besties since high school, so it was quite an exciting time to be back in our hometown for such an amazing celebration. 

M and J were married at a beautiful plantation where the champagne was flowing, music was pumping and the bridal party was bustin' all the right moves, Gangnam Style.  In other words, we had a fantastic weekend, and I am so happy to see my friend married to the man of her dreams.  M and J, if you're reading this, we love you and hope you had a magnificent honeymoon!

But the weekend didn't just involve wedding festivities.  We also spent time catching up with my grandmother, letting E run up and down the levee, and celebrating my mom's birthday with  a couple of her closest friends. 

On Sunday, my dad and S took E out to the farm to play with the goats and cows.  And in true southern fashion, my mom and I sat in the rocking chairs on my brother's front porch while the menfolk were out in the pasture. We later gathered up enough energy to pick pecans that had fallen off their pecan tree, and my mom used our pickings to make some delicious, oh-my-god-melt-in-your-mouth pralines later that night.  We had a final family dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and that was that.  It was probably the last time we will see my family before we leave for Turkey, so I was happy we got to spend such fun-filled, quality time with them.   

And now, since I missed Snapshot Tuesday yesterday, I bring you the weekend in pictures.  Enjoy!

Beautiful wedding location
Me and my little man

Me and S at the wedding reception

Having too much fun in the wedding photo booth

E was really getting into his farmer character
"Helping" pick pecans
E with his Nana and cousins
Playing on the levee downtown

Checking out the view

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