Monday, November 5, 2012

Preparations for Departure

Things are really starting to come together around here, and the final countdown to our departure has begun. 

Last Friday S received confirmation on our housing and we were delighted to learn that the much stressed over fate of our pets has a happy ending. 

You see, when we bid Adana high, we did so under the impression that having pets at post would be okay and that there were very few in-flight and in-country restrictions.  However, as we discovered after the fact, it was sometimes difficult to acquire housing that allowed dogs, and we were left to wonder whether our precious pup would ultimately make this journey with us.  We had our back-up plan ready (S's sister agreed to take our four legged child if need be) but we were sick just thinking about going two years without M-dog.  Fast forward to this past Friday and not only did we receive confirmation on what sounds like an amazing apartment, but both of our beloved pets are welcome to come along.  We were ecstatic upon hearing the news and immediately began making plans for vet check-ups, vaccines, and the purchase of new pet carriers. 

We also are in the process of getting our diplomatic passports and visas, and making sure little E isn't missing any vaccines before we depart. 

Of course there have been countless hurdles along the way (i.e. finally getting my new social security card that reflects the name change 6 months after filing the first round of paperwork, a lost travel passport and missing birth certificates *sigh*) but those little things are slowly correcting themselves and things are starting to take shape.

There are still many unanswered questions about Adana (mostly regarding child care options) but we're getting there.  It feels like several small weights are being lifted off our shoulders one pound at a time.  It feels good to be making progress!

So let the counting continue. 

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