Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Moments of 2012

Welp, New Year's Eve is upon us, which means it's time to reflect upon the most memorable moments from 2012.  I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but I've noticed others providing their top moments, so I figured I would do the same.  So, here no particular order...
1. Getting the Call - S had worked toward his Foreign Service dream for nearly two years before he got "the call" to join A-100, and it is definitely a moment neither one of us will forget.  S was in back-to-back meetings on the day we expected calls to start going out, so I didn't expect to hear from him at all.  When I got a text that simply said "got it" shortly after lunch time, I knew our lives were about to change.  And change they did. 
2. E turned 1 - This was the year we celebrated our little nugget's first birthday.  It was the year we watched him transition from a fumbling baby into a little boy.  He runs everywhere he goes as if walking is something he can't be bothered with, and he loves books and dancing.  He will unapologetically steal the microphone from you during family karaoke sessions in his best effort to out-sing you, and he has an undeniable crush on Alicia Keys, who he fondly calls "Keesh."  He knows how to say "water" in three different languages and will always be the first to devour any type of fruit within a 5 foot radius.  He's our little dude and we love him. 
3. Family - We spent a lot of time with our family this year even though they are all scattered to the four corners of the country.  We took a family vacation to Las Vegas back in April to visit S's parents, while his mom and sister and her family came to visit us in DC over the summer.  We also took two trips to Louisiana to visit my family, plus we enjoyed a couple visits from my mom and got to spend the past six months surrounded by a slew of cousins who live here in the DC area.  We were not lacking in quality family time this year, which is good because who knows when we will get another year with such luxuries again.
4. Flag Day - This was the day that determined the direction our lives would take for the next two years.  Flag Day was something S and I talked about and dreamed about for years.  It was all that we expected it to be--overwhelming, nerve-inducing, surprising--all rolled into 60 minutes of pure excitement.  It was the day we found out we will be moving to Adana, Turkey in a few short days!
5. Saying Goodbye to New York - As I have said numerous times on this blog, New York was our home for ten years before we joined the FS, and it will be missed dearly.  We said goodbye to all our old haunts, like Prospect Park, The Brooklyn Museum, favorite restaurants and farmers markets, but we also enjoyed some spectacular events before we left.  Our trip back a few weeks ago was a wonderful final farewell.  I heart New York.
6. Friends - We said goodbye to a lot of friends in 2012, and we miss them everyday.  But we also made a lot of new friends this year too.  We have become very close with one FS family in particular, and my goodness will we miss them when we leave.  I have a feeling that with this lifestyle I will be relying heavily on what I learned as a girl scout many moons ago: "make new friends but keep the old." 
7. Yo Gabba Gabba Live - Okay, this was not a memorable moment for me and S, but since this is a family blog and E is part of our family, I'm adding it. Because honestly, if he could cast his vote, he would list this as number one.  Hands down.  His best moment of 2012. 
8. Presidential election - S and I were happy at the results of this year's election.  More importantly, Obama is one of S's heros, and he's very excited for the opportunity to serve under him for the next four years. 
9. Saying goodbye to a full-time job - This was the year I packed it all in and said goodbye to the 9 to 5 routine.  Sure I will continue working, but it will be on my terms and I can make my own hours as I see fit.  There is something so liberating about the idea of it all.  I just hope the reality of it is just as awesome. 
10. Starting this blog - Starting this blog was a big step for me, and I am so happy that I finally took the leap.  I enjoy writing about our life and look forward to what our future has in store.  Sometimes life gets busy and I post less frequently than I would like, but my resolution for 2013 is to keep it up.  I enjoy having a living history to look back stay tuned.
I guess that's it. Happy New Year!  Cheers to an amazing 2013!

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